Mission, Message, and Methods

The Mission

To help people identify the sources of their stress, anxiety, and depression;

to discover tools for healing and recovery from life’s struggles;

and to build resilience for facing whatever the future holds.

The Message

Anxiety and depression are among the most common health struggles we face today, but most of us are too ashamed to share our problems with anyone. If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you are at the end of your rope, you are not alone. You need to know that help is available – your life can be better.

The Methods

I am not a therapist, psychologist, or doctor. I am a regular guy who has a story to tell. All I can do is share with you the journey I have been on and everything I have been learning along the way. I do this through blogs, videos, and live events. But often, the most helpful words come from you, my friends, as you share what you have been through and how you’ve overcome the odds. Together, we can swing the odds in our favor and find the abundant life Jesus offers us.

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About Dave

I am a father, husband, and Christ follower. I am also a scientist with a PhD in Microbiology. When I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression due to chronic stress a few years ago, I went on a mission to learn all I could about my struggles from biological, psychological, and spiritual perspectives. And now I want to share with you all I have learned and continue to learn on this wild journey.